Tippmann Cronus Gun Review

Hey there, my fellow middle schoolers! Today, I’m super excited to talk about the Tippmann Cronus marker. This marker has gained a lot of popularity among the pros, but guess what? It’s also perfect for new birds like us! When we laid eyes on it back in 2014, we gotta confess, it kinda seemed a toy. But let me bring to your kind knowledge, we’re so wrong! This thing is an absolute master on the battlefield and is definitely gonna take your game to a whole new level.

Now, here’s the best part, my friend. The Tippmann Cronus marker is not gonna break the bank. It’s actually a pocket-friendly marker that’s specifically designed for newbies like us. But here’s the thing, even intermediate players love it too! It’s versatile and Blasterously perfect for both beginners who are just starting out and those who are a little more experienced.

The weight of this bad boy is only 3.9 lbs which is pretty feather like if you consider my opinion. But I gotta make it real with you, after a stretching span of time, it can begin to feel bulky. But hey, on the bright side, that weight symbolizes that this marker has been made to last. It’s durable and can handle some serious action on the field.

Diving into the shooting experience, let me manifest my friend, it’s nothing less than a dream! This marker is super easy to shoot with and there’s just a little kickback. You’ll feel like a pro in no time. And those rubber grips? They make the marker feel nice and stable in your hands, giving you that extra confidence on the field.

Now, here’s something to keep all ears on. The manufacturer claims that this marker can shoot up to 150 feet, which is pretty impressive. But in our experience, things like humidity, wind, and rain can affect the range a bit. So just keep a check of it when you’re out there conquering the arena.

So , dear pal, if you’re shifting eyes for a marker that’s not only the top grab of the pros but the top-notch for the beginners, the Tippmann is all what your eyes need a gaze at. It’s reliable, durable, and will definitely enhance your game. Get out there and unleash your inner paintball warrior!

Using the Tippmann Cronus marker might take some getting used to, but once you figure out the ins and outs, you’ll be a pro! It’s an improved version of the Tippmann 98, known for its durability and affordability. The Cronus has a similar design and performance, just with a differed look. Stay tuned for more info on the Tactical Edition of the Cronus. Can’t wait to share more details with you!

Mechanical trigger

The Tippmann Cronus is a wicked cool Paintball gun that runs on a manual trigger. Instead of fancy electronics, you gotta manually move some metal pieces to blast those paintballs out. It might be a tad slower than those electronic guns, but it still gets the job done, no sweat! The best part is, most paintball fields are totally cool with you using a mechanical marker like the Cronus.

So no need to worry about any rules or restrictions when you bring it to the field. Just load them up and get ready for an blasterously epic paintball showdown! Let’s go, my friend!

Wide barrel

The company makes the barrel wide so that the paintballs don’t get chopped off. This helps to avoid the problem of balls splattering inside the barrel. In addition, it also aids to keep the Paintball gun on the down-low, making it quieter.

Some paintball players have had issues with their paintballs getting sliced and missing their targets, especially when they go trigger-happy. To fix this prob, it’s a good call to use top-notch paint and keep the barrel squeaky clean for better (must say: best) accuracy. You can also rock a motorized hopper to dodge those cut paintballs. Let’s keep those shots on point, my peer!

Inline bolt system

One cool thing about Tippmann markers is their inline bolt system. It’s called “inline” because the rear bolt and the main bolt are at the same angle. This makes the marker smaller and as easy as pie to use.
The inline bolt system makes the marker way better to handle than the Tippmann 98. It aids you shoot like a  pro finishing all the chances of a miss. But ,keep a check, all it takes is not only the right aiming, but also the way you grab the gun when you are intending at your earmark. Keep that grip steady, my friend!


This bad boy is built like a tank compared to other beginner markers. It’s made to keep all the important parts safe and sound, no matter what. 

You know how players worry about their shots wrecking their gun’s insides? Well, Tippmann’s got your back, my friend. This Paintball gun ensures smooth ammo flow and keeps everything protected on the inside at all times. That’s why it’s got a longer lifespan than other models, as the experts say. It’s a real beast!


Hey there, fellow gamers! You’re totally right, we all want our guns to match our tremendously awesome gaming styles, right? Well, check out the Tippmann Cronus! It’s thunderously super cool that you can put these things , the Picatinny rails on the sides, top and bottom of the gun. And guess what’s even cooler? You can count up all kind of wicked stuff like the red-dot sight, a laser, or even scopes! How blastorous is that?

But wait, there’s even more! The Tippmann Cronus has a flexible design, which means you can customize it even more. You can switch up the barrel, add extra grips, and choose from a bunch of other sick features. And if you’re not into customizing it yourself, no sweats! You can go for the Tactical edition, which already comes with some seriously rad features. So go ahead and make your bad boy gun feel just perfectly superb for all your gaming adventures! Game on!

Features :

  • It’s a semi-automatic .68 caliber paintball marker. 
  • You can use either HPA or CO2 gas tanks to operate it. 
  • It has a shooting range of 150 feet. 
  • You can choose from two cool color options: Olive/Black & Tan/Black. 
  • It’s a bit on the bulky side, weighing 3.7 lbs. 
  • The barrel length is 9 inches. 
  • You’ll experience minimum recoil when unloading paintballs. 
  • And guess what? It comes with a 2-year warranty!

Tippmann Cronus v/s tactical edition

Indubitably, this new Tippmann gun is the bomb! It’s a semi-automatic beast that gives it out  like a dream. And get this, it comes with an extra grip on the front that you can slap on or take off depending on how you wanna play. Talk about flexibility, right?

Now, let’s dig into the Tactical model. It’s got a folding stock, so you can switch up the gun’s look varying with where you’re playing. And guess what? There’s already a built-in rail on the top of this bad boy , so it becomes breeze for you to slap on a laser light. How lightorious is that?

But hold up, there’s more! This updated version also rocks a special A-5 barrel that hits different from the one in the regular Tippmann Cronus. And when you grab this gun, you’ll also score some extra goodies to keep it in top shape. We’re talking Allen Keys, lube for smooth operation, and spare o-rings, just in case.

If you’re on the hunt for an upgraded gun with killer features, look no further! This one’s got your back!

Price- justifiable?

You’re spot on, mate! The Tippmann Cronus is totally worth the dough! You can snag this badass military-style marker for less than $150. Sure, it might not have all the fancy schmancy features like easy maintenance, electronic gizmos, or a customizable trigger. But guess what? It still kicks the major butt!

Now, if you’re willing to drop a bit more cash, around $300, you might wanna peep the Planet Eclipse Emek. It’s a step up with even more epic features. But honestly, the Tippmann Cronus is still a solid choice, especially if you don’t wanna fork out too much extra moolah.

All in all, the Tippmann Cronus still packs a punch and delivers super solid performance.

  • It’s super tough and can handle accidental falls like a champ.
  • You can customize it to suit your style and preferences.
  • Maintenance is a breeze, making it a hassle-free choice.
  • It offers reliability, versatility, and affordability, all for under $150!
  • The rail adjuster can be a bit wobbly at times.
  • Tightening the foregrip can be a bit of a challenge.
  • The barrel could use some improvement for better performance.
  • The firing velocity is moderate, so it might not be the fastest out there.

Video Review : Tippmann Cronus

Frequently Asked Question

Is the stock immovable?

The stock is collapsible, you can attach or detach it according to your needs.

Can I use compressed air for Cronus?

You can use both CO2 and HPA. We recommend using compressed air HPA for smooth and consistent shoot velocity. 

Does Tippmann Cronus break if thrown on the floor by mistake?

Tippmann Cronus is ready to face the sudden drop down challenges and still ready to perform flawlessly. However, you must not throw it from the roof or something really high.

What is the distance for the most precise shots?

At around 30 feet, it delivers the most precise shots. However, the company suggested long range is upto 150 feet which can vary depending upon weather conditions.

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