Dye Rize Czr Gun Review

Hey there! Let’s dive into the juicy deets of the DYE CZR in paintball tournaments. This beast isn’t your average, norm paintball gun,dude. It has got all the bells and whistles to give you the real pace  on the battlefield and lift your game to the whole another level of thrill. With its metaculously impressive firing modes, adjustable firing speed, and a trigger that adapts to your style, the CZR quickly became a fan favorite when it burst onto the scene, a lustrum  back in 2019. We’ve never looked back since then. So, let’s gear up and explore it’s blastorous performance impeccable shot quality and the pros and cons it beings to the table. Get ready for some serious paintball action!

Rise fusion bolt-air efficient

You bet, my friend! Let’s dive into the awesomeness of the CZR’s Rise Fusion Bolt. This remarkable feature truly turns the tables, providing a smooth and consistent push to your paintball shots. 

With it’s super advanced technology, the CZR can cope with paintballs at varying velocities, minimizing the probabilities of missing your aim. And that’s not all for sure! The fusion bolt system is not only efficient but also incredibly air-friendly, requiring less air for each shot. This means you can enjoy more shots without worrying about running out of air. 

Oh, and did I mention the reduced kickback and recoil? Yups, the CZR’s fusion bolt system helps keep those to a minimum, giving you better control and accuracy. Now, let’s look over maintenance. Taking care of the bolt is a breeze. Just grab a trusty big allen wrench, and with a few twists, the bolt will slide out effortlessly. From there, you can easily disassemble the bolt for regular cleaning and greasing. Applying grease regularly is key to keeping your CZR performing at its best. So, my friend, make sure to show that bolt some love before every game. It may seem like a mousehole task , but believe me, it makes a huge difference in a long run. Get out there and be the conqueror with the best CZR!

No more broken paints?

You got it, buddy! We’ve all been there, right? Paint breaking before it even reaches the target can be a real bummer. But guess what? The Rize CZR is here to save the day! This bad boy operates at a lower PSI in comparison to other models, which means there’s a super low chance of those fragile paints splitting. 

And check this out, the 4th generation polycarbonate eye pipe is a total game-changer. It shields the anti-chop system from broken paints and dirt, keeping everything clean and smooth. Plus, the bolt O-ring tip wipes off any gunk from the seamless pipe after each shot. 

Our analysis shows that the Rize CZR noticeably reduces the number of broken paintballs during gameplay. So get out there, my friend, and enjoy a frustration-free paintball experience with the Rize CZR! 

Trigger-smooth and customizable

No worries buddy,Just like other top-notch paintball markers, this beast  comes with an adjustable trigger. The trigger is made of smooth and comfy Aluminum, so it feels superb in your hands. And hey, if the aluminum trigger isn’t your cup of tea, you can easily swap it out for a new taste one.

The best part about the CZR is that it gives players the liberty to customize their game. The trigger controls shot accuracy and timing, so having a smooth trigger lets you squeeze off shots with ease and hit your target right on the moolah. 

Now, a sprinkling number of players on the field mentioned that the CZR’s trigger can be a bit exquisite and takes some getting used to. But once you’ve mastered it, you’ll be unstoppable!

Firing modes

The CZR is like no other marker out there because it gives you mad flexibility with its operating modes. It’s got this sweet switch right on the marker’s body that lets you easily switch between firing modes.

 We’re talking Semi-Auto, Burst, NXL ramp, and Full-Auto modes, all at your fingertips! And check this out, you can even customize the firing speed to match your style. 

Our team players love how this helps them create killer strategies and put this paintball gun to the test. Get ready to dominate the field, my friend! 


DYE has a solid reputation for crafting top-notch barrels like the ultralite and boom sticks. The Rise CZR comes with a 2-piece 14-inch barrel that’s easy peasy to attach and detach.

The port tip and control bore are assembled at the center point, resulting in killer performance, accuracy, and a whisper-quiet shooting experience. It’s the real deal, my pal!

Features :

  • Dye Core Barrel 2 piece-14 inches
  • Inline Hyper 3 Regulator
  • ON/OFF Airport
  • Lever Lock feed neck – Adjustable clamping
  • 4th Generation Eye pipe
  • Fusion Bolt & Spool valve system
  • Adjustable Aluminum Trigger
  • UL 45 Frame
  • Multiple Firing modes
  • Low operating pressure PSI 135-140
  • Improved Solenoid
  • Adjustable-Rate of fire
  • Anti-chop Eye system
  • 3D BODY Design & Sticky grips

Hyper regulator

The regulator in the Rise CZR is all about giving you that precise air pressure boost. And check it out, the hyper regulator that comes with the CZR lets you easily tweak those air pressure settings. It’s sleek, it’s smooth, and it’s always on point! 

The hyper 3 regulator is the secret sauce behind that low-pressure action at 140 PSI. It’s what helps the marker get that perfect amount of air for every shot, while keeping things super quiet. 

And let me tell you, with that low PSI, the CZR can handle high-end paint like a boss. Plus, the improved solenoid system brings consistent flow and reliability to the table. It’s a winning combo, my friend!

  • 1-year Warranty
  • Doesn’t miss a single shot
  • Superior comfort & control
  • Stability, control & accuracy
  • Reduce the chopping off paintballs
  • Feed neck and barrel are less durable
  • Takes time for finger to get used to this trigger

More features

Some traits to test this marker in the arena for a thirty games and more are here for you:

This marker’s maintenance is just a cup of tea. It’s colour coded O-rings aid you locate the exact placement of them.
Let me add my friend, the the Dye cam lock lever leaves you lock your loader safely needing no tools. Furthermore, feed neck is tight and low for the perfect alignment of your gear , my pal. Compact and lightweight with an aggressive appearance .

The CZR’s UL airport ON/OFF Switch are bullet speeded. As the button gets turned on, the markers grabs the air through its streamlined design. We wonder, the knob was a bit bigger so it could be a breeze to get it on and off. A solid grip to the control gun is all due to sticky grips. The dual-density material wraparound makes it crystal clear to have a perfect grip ,plus the battery and electronics of the gun get shielded.
And guess what? You’ll have hands on a part kit, Marker, slick lube , storage box barrel sock , tools and a 9 volt battery inside this treasure box. So let’s get it in hands and dominate!

Video Review : Dye rize czr


Is the Dye CZR an electronic paintball gun?

Yes! Rize CZR is a 68 caliber electronic marker that incorporates high-end features to deliver performance on the day of the tournament.

How much does the DYE CZR weigh?

It weighs only 1.23kg which is extremely easy to hold, move and attack.

What Firing Modes Dose CZR Have?

It has four firing modes including NXL Ramp, Semi-Auto, Burst and Full Auto.

Final Decision

DYE CZR is the best notch for newbies to intermediate level. If you’re into a mud level marker, with high performance, under $400 then this CZR is the best pick for you. It’s features that include fusion bolt, spool system, anti-chop eye system, firing modes and regulator will drive you crazy in this pocket range.
So, what to ponder about ,my pal?
Get your hands on it right now and enjoy the perks of the Blasterously remarkable upgrade in your game !

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